How To Make The Most Out Of This Summer


We can all feel it in our bones that summer is on the horizon. The temperatures are rising, and the beaches are calling our names. Time to pack away that winter wardrobe and fall in love with your summer clothes all over again.

After all the boredom brought on with the endless winter lockdowns, summer is sure to be your season – Hot girl (or guy) summer here we come. 

With your freedom regained and the ability to travel the best it’s ever been, this summer is bound to be filled with many weekends away or trips down the coast.

It’s the perfect time of year to get a group of your best friends or family together and head away for a change of scenery. Whether you’re the type to make a holiday filled with peace and quiet lounging by a pool or on the beach or you’re up with the sun fitting every adventure possible into your itinerary, you’re sure to have a blast.

Sunset drinks on the balcony or sunrise walks for that spectacular view are just that much more enjoyable when the weather is hot and they days are long – just don’t forget to hydrate. 

For those of you a little younger, or still students, summer is the perfect time to bump up that bank account with a casual job (or 3). As many holiday home owners flock to the smaller beach towns, all the cafes, resultants and accommodation providers will be itching to up their staff on a temporary basis. Ideal time to take up nannying as there will be plenty of wealthy families looking to have some time out without the kids.

Working in these coastal towns is the perfect way to have that beach bum holiday whilst still making that dough you need to get you through the year. A lot of these towns will have multiple hostels or backpackers for you to stay in while you are there.

This can also provide the perfect opportunity to meet many different people from different walks of life and even make some friends to visit through the year. As casual positions you’re also in the running for some killer penalty rates to help fund those surfing lessons or the many wild nights you will no doubt attend. 

Summer fashions are always loads of fun. The freedom and lightness that inherently comes from the warmer weather means more room in your case for more outfits. There’s something exhilarating about walking off the beach after a laze in the sun or a dip in the sea to pull on a little dress or some shorts over your bathers to hit up the town.

Summer fashion has a life of its own, particularly in the coastal towns so popular at this time of year. We don’t see the same requirements to meet dress codes or to ‘cover up’ in order to get into establishments along the main strip.

You’re perfectly free to sit at a café or bar in just your bathers if you feel it. You are also free to be as casual or as dressy as you please with little back lash – if you want to wear your basketball jerseys or simply a sarong there’s nothing stopping you. 

Perhaps the beach life isn’t for you, you don’t like the feel of sand in your toes or the crowds of people queuing for the only bakery in town. City escapes can also be a highlight of the summer season.

There are many rooftop bars and riverside beer gardens that are calling your name. Ditch the billard balls in your local pub and try out the pop up, outdoor cinema in your local park. Speaking of parks, an all-day picnic in the park with your closest friend can be a total blast. Pack the esky full of beers and snacks, gather up your picnic blankets and brush off the camping chairs, find yourself a prime spot and set up for the day.

Make it a family affair and take the outdoor cricket set up, you’ll be entertained for hours. Just don’t forget the sun cream or you might end up with much more than your bargained for by the end of the day. 

Summer doesn’t have to be all about the sunshine. Simply making the most of those longer days and the empty city can also be enjoyable. Checking out shade in your local botanical gardens with a book can see a day pass you by like the non existent clouds in the sky. Perhaps you want to take advantage of the museums and art galleries in order to escape the heat for the glories that is air conditioning.

So many yummy fruits and foods are available in summer that you cannot get the rest of the year. Farmers markets can be so much more abundant with produce, not to mention the excess of stalls with people having more time or energy to make it out. Nothing quite like a morning walk to a beautiful fresh market to pick up locally grown fruit and veg, heading home and preparing the most delicious snacks or meals to be eaten in the garden. Or heading out to a local restaurant with outside seating and enjoying the mild evening temperatures.

Summer in the city can be as equally enjoyable as that in the country. 

Make summer your season – have fun, say yes and get out to do the things you love as often and as much as you can. The time for hibernation is over. Put on your walking sandals and explore the joys at your doorstep. Or explore all the festivities that are offered in your city.

Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and make your way to the many beautiful holiday destinations that our country has to offer. Find that family time you’ve been meaning to have but haven’t had the time for.

Summer may come around every year, but there’s every reason in the world to make this summer the one to remember.