3 reasons to begin planning your next trip to the USA

3 usa destinations I recommend

The USA is known for its iconic landmarks, The Statue of Liberty, Hollywood Sign, Golden Gate Bridge, but it is also a place of fantastic hospitality, wide-open spaces and incredible natural beauty. That’s 50 states that serve up unique holiday experiences and supply endless options for every kind of traveller.

It doesn’t matter if you’re seeing for the first time or returning for another go, you are sure to leave with tons of unforgettable moments. It’s the perfect holiday destination and here are only 3 reasons to begin planning your next trip:

New York

It does not matter what you call it; New York’s charm and charisma is undeniable. It beckons to travellers around the planet with the ideal mix of iconic buildings, five bustling boroughs, flourishing foodie culture and an endless list of things to see and do. In the Met to Central Park; Staten Island to Times Square, New York always excels.

The Road Trips

With all those wide-open spaces, it would be remiss not to rent a vehicle and traverse this beautiful nation on a fantastic old style road trip. From iconic Route 66 to Highway One, the USA supports exploration by car. Stop off in smallish cities, experience Americana kitsch at its best and marvel at the astonishingly beautiful landscapes. It is the only way to experience the pure heart of the country.

The Theme Parks

If you’re looking for the thrills and spills of a number of the world’s most magnificent theme parks, then look no farther than the United States. See for yourself if Disneyland is the ‘happiest place on earth’ (it is, I think), or figure out if everything is fantastic in Legoland. Six Flags, Raging Waters, Universal Studios and much more, this is the substance that fantastic family holidays are made of, and the US provides it up in spades.